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This free guided meditation works with breath counting, allowing you to focus your mind, leading you to a deep state of relaxation. During meditation it is normal for your mind to wander. When you notice your mind wandering, simply acknowledge your thoughts and then come back to your breath. Please ensure you are sitting or lying comfortably[...]↣ READ MORE

2015 for me started with the incredible experience of welcoming our new baby home. It was a wonderful time, but did also ring in the reality, that the resolutions I had were probably going to need a little re-thinking. In fact, between changing nappies at home and changing springs in the studio, I figured this could[...]↣ READ MORE

I found myself thinking about our incredible teachers and team members, and how the depth of talent throughout the whole team is truly superb. So, with thoughts of our team of expert teachers and our already sold out Kundalini Yoga retreat week drawing closer, I wanted to share our beautiful Kundalini teacher with you all.[...]↣ READ MORE


Within the fundamentals of yoga we follow both the Yama – guidelines for our daily living – and the Niyama – philosophies that focus within our own bodies to maintain harmony and balance. These are daily philosophies which we should bring not only to our asana practice but hold within us in every action and[...]↣ READ MORE

1. Meditation timers Do you keep sneaking looks at the clock? Or maybe the end of your meditation is signalled by a screeching alarm? Try a gentler exit from your meditation practice with these chime timers from Wildmind meditation. The start and end of your practice is signalled by three chimes, and there are chimes[...]↣ READ MORE

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the author of Full Catastrophe Living, is a MIT-trained microbiologist who started meditating at the age of 22. This was in 1966, while he was studying science at university, and at a time when meditating was still a fringe activity for hippies and gurus, far removed from the academic, scientific world he was[...]↣ READ MORE