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Emma Malarkey

Emma Malarkey International Yoga Day Azulfit

On June 21st, the world celebrated the 2nd annual U.N. International Yoga Day with events across the globe. Our Azulfit dream team of Emma, Valentina, Jamie and Liz made their way from Scotland, Italy, and Fuerteventura respectively to celebrate at Alexandra’s Palace’s day of celebrations in London and join in this important reminder of the role[...]↣ READ MORE

By Frauke Behrens As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I know from my own practice and from working with our incredible Azulfit guests, how much yoga can offer a simple and accessible way to promote health and well-being on both a physical and spiritual level. These benefits are already known to improve the health of many people, not least[...]↣ READ MORE

I  have alway dipped in and out of ashtanga, but somehow never managed to connect with the practice long term. I remember working with one of my original teachers in India and telling him that I wanted to travel to Mysore to practise the ashtanga series. He told me I wasn’t ready for the practice[...]↣ READ MORE

It’s been 13 hours so far. It’s hot and stuffy; busy with aggravated people, crying children, tired bodies and minds. Airport delays – that familiar situation and the accompanying sense of frustration, being trapped under the command of the airline, a continuous wait to embark on the journey ahead. In amongst this chaos – where[...]↣ READ MORE

What on earth is a fruit feast? A three day fruit cleanse, as prescribed by certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, Kristy Summers. This cleanse comes into week four of Baron Baptiste’s 40 Day Revolution (read more of the back story here). Those three days had more of an effect than I originally thought. Here’s a[...]↣ READ MORE

Anyone who has attended my classes will be able to tell you that without a doubt my favourite yoga posture is adho mukhasvanasana – downward-facing dog. Spending a week with me at lotus yoga lodge for sure you will be hitting double figures of down dogs by the time we reach our final savasana of the week.[...]↣ READ MORE

That is what I love about yoga: no matter where my travels take me, with my yoga mat attached to my backpack I can make my practice part of my adventures. I have managed to find some weird and wonderful yoga spots along my travels so far, from breathtaking beaches at sunrise, balconies with snow[...]↣ READ MORE

The shoulder stand, sarvangasana in Sanskrit, is known to be the ‘queen of all the asanas.’ Sarva translates into ‘all’ or ‘entire’, anga into ‘body’. Therefore sarvangasana literally means ‘the pose of the entire body’. This asana is widely known for its beneficial effects on the body and has been described by BKS Iyengar to be[...]↣ READ MORE

Yin yang yoga

There are various motivations we can focus on during our yoga asana practice, drawing our awareness to our physical body, or bringing our focus within, on a deeper energetic level. The Taoists hold the theory that there is a polarity of two energies that are ultimately inseparable. They can be understood as the + and[...]↣ READ MORE


Within the fundamentals of yoga we follow both the Yama – guidelines for our daily living – and the Niyama – philosophies that focus within our own bodies to maintain harmony and balance. These are daily philosophies which we should bring not only to our asana practice but hold within us in every action and[...]↣ READ MORE