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Hydrating green juice

Its 3PM and the afternoon slump is starting to slow you down. For some of us, that means feeling irritable, or perhaps having dry skin or dark circles under the eyes. In many cases this dip can also arrive with headaches. Simply curling up under the desk is not an option and more caffeine is not a[...]↣ READ MORE

That is what I love about yoga: no matter where my travels take me, with my yoga mat attached to my backpack I can make my practice part of my adventures. I have managed to find some weird and wonderful yoga spots along my travels so far, from breathtaking beaches at sunrise, balconies with snow[...]↣ READ MORE

The shoulder stand, sarvangasana in Sanskrit, is known to be the ‘queen of all the asanas.’ Sarva translates into ‘all’ or ‘entire’, anga into ‘body’. Therefore sarvangasana literally means ‘the pose of the entire body’. This asana is widely known for its beneficial effects on the body and has been described by BKS Iyengar to be[...]↣ READ MORE

Azul hatha yoga instructor Sally Goldfinger will be going to India to lead a special two week hatha yoga and ayurveda retreat in Kerala this January. Here she tells us more about the ayurveda aspects of the retreat. As many of you know I am deeply passionate about the tradition and spirit of ayurveda and[...]↣ READ MORE

Azul’s hatha yoga instructor, Sally Goldfinger, is soon to make her annual trip to India to further her practice and to run a special hatha and ayurveda retreat in the green and tranquil state of Kerala. We catch up with her to find out more. What is hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is the oldest form[...]↣ READ MORE