More than a retreat, this is your journey


Jamie Isaac of Fluid Art Pilates, demonstrates how to perform the roll up. Jamie has recently released a Pilates flow DVD with music by Moby and proceeds going to charity. The DVD features a mixture of classical and contemporary exercises that allows you to build on the principles of alignment and centring and is designed to[...]↣ READ MORE

Getting started with Pilates

Following on from his blog on the history of Pilates and its creator, Joseph Pilates, Jamie Isaac explains why Pilates is so popular today, how to get started and how to get the most from the method… The use of Pilates to keep in shape by numerous famous actors and elite athletes pays testament to its[...]↣ READ MORE

Although not strictly a Pilates exercise, the side plank is a great core stability exercise and utilizes many of the Pilates concepts. It’s a good way to develop the strength needed for the Side Bend or the Twist, and therefore is often found hiding somewhere within Pilates classes. Start by sitting sideways with the upper[...]↣ READ MORE

Perhaps you are regularly practising Pilates, maybe you’ve tried it once or maybe you just have a vague idea that it’s ‘a bit like yoga’. Whatever your knowledge or experience of Pilates, people are often surprised to find out that it all started with one man… The history of Pilates takes us back to Germany[...]↣ READ MORE

This quick clip contains a fantastically simple yet powerful exercise for your shoulders, arms and glutes. Retreat tip Remember the best results come when you focus on how you are doing the exercise, as opposed to simply focusing on getting it done and out of the way.

The Azul team are excited to be running an extra special retreat week this May: the Yoga, Pilates & Spanish retreat. Guest instructor Noelia Ruiz will be flying in from Dublin to join the team at Villa Azul in hosting this healthy holiday with a language-learning twist. Here she tells us more about her experiences[...]↣ READ MORE

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own yoga retreat?  Here Jamie Isaac, co-founder of Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat along with wife Karissa Isaac, gives us a behind the scenes glimpse of how it all got started… Azul has always been an organic creation. It’s a challenging way to approach business,[...]↣ READ MORE

For a great full body exercise look no further than the Pilates leg pull front. This exercise particularly helps you to develop a really strong torso by strengthening the core and the muscles between the shoulder blades. It also works your arms and legs and is a great way to establish correct alignment, making sure[...]↣ READ MORE

5 great exercises for the abs

In this week’s video Jamie gives you 5 quick and effective exercises for your abs. So even if your daily schedule is pretty full you can still squeeze in some exercise and move towards your goal of strong, toned abs. Have fun and let us know how you get on! – The Azul team